Fitness show - 10 weeks out

July 21, 2015

Update pictures 10 weeks before competition

As promised, I'm going to document my progress throughout my prep for Pure Elite competition on September 27th 2015. So here goes, my first post. Above is my update picture.

I've just got back from an all inclusive family holiday to Kos in Greece, although I did eat healthily I did have a few cheeky sweet treats and alcohol (not excessive amounts though :)) I did relax on holiday (well the best I could with a 2 year old) but I tried to exercise when and where I could, which was normally by the side (or in) the pool.

  • Tricep dips on pool side
  • Pull ups on the bridge that went over the swimming pool
  • Chest press ups and tricep press ups when sunbathing
  • Abs crunches and planks when sunbathing and on pool side
  • Handstand shoulder presses at the beach

I put on 2lbs and now it's time to focus!

Here's an update pic the day after holiday..

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