Fitness show - 9 weeks out

July 27, 2015

Progress picture - 9 weeks out

One week down and 2 pounds lost!

It was my sister's birthday this week so we went for a family meal to the local curry house! Surrounded by creamy sauces, naan bread and red wine it took all my willpower not to cheat on my diet! But I was good. I found grilled chicken and salad in the appetisers section of the menu, washed down with water :)

Weekends are definitely the hardest, during prep it's very unsociable, I try to avoid social situations where yummy food and drink are involved, Friday nights are usually spent in the gym so to avoid the want for red wine and pizza! lol!

I'm feeling happy with my progress, I don't really want to be losing much more than 2lb a week. My calories are still quite high so I have energy and am feeling strong. My diet this year consists of fats and no carbs, as opposed to last year I was eating carbs and fats. I'm finding that I'm not craving at all (yet) this year so I'm definitely preferring this diet.


It's been a week since returning from holiday, the first 3 days back I did a little training a little on each muscle group so to no over do it and to ease myself back into the gym slowly.

  • Tue - 0.5 hr Stairmaster, 0.5 hr Xtrainer. Legs, abs.
  • Wed - 0.5 hr Stairmaster, 0.5 hr Xtrainer. Arms, chest and abs.
  • Thu - 0.5 hr Stairmaster, 0.5 hr Xtrainer. Back and shoulders.
  • Fri - 1 hr Cycling
  • Sat - Glutes and hams
  • Sun - Rest

Food and drink

An average day looks like this...

  • Meal 1 - 4 eggs, 30g porridge
  • Meal 2 - Chicken, veg and cashews
  • Meal 3 - Turkey, veg and cashews
  • Meal 4 - Chicken, veg and cashews
  • Meal 5 - White fish and veg, veg and cashews
  • Meal 6 - Salmon and salad, veg and cashews

8 pints of water 

Warm water with lemon, coffee and green tea throughout the day


I'll be ordering my bikini this week...exciting! 

Have a good week! xox

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