Fitness show - 8 weeks out

August 03, 2015

Progress picture 8 weeks out of competition

One week down and 1 lb lost.

So this week I've started to panic, I'm a bit of a worrier at the best of times and my coach was probably ready for it as I was the same last year, but I have a terrible habit of looking on youtube and comparing myself to others. Then I start worrying I'm not lean enough and this is usually followed by a text to the coach who tells me off for being silly haha! So this week has been very similar to last week in terms of diet and training, I'm seeing my coach tonight for a bit of posing practice and she'll change my diet up a bit depending on how she thinks I'm looking. I have a photoshoot on Aug 22nd so I'll need to cut a bit quicker to be in shape for that.

I'm still feeling strong and full of energy (which worries me). I'm increasing the cardio this week and going to try and do cardio twice a day. This is okay at the moment as I'm currently a freelance web designer so I chose my working hours and can train in the day (before work or lunch break) as well as evenings but I will be starting a new job in a couple of weeks so it will get a lot more difficult. Last year I did 1 hour fasted cardio at 5:30 am, took my child (Eden) to nursery for 7:30 am, went to the office, worked until 5:30 pm, collected Eden from nursery, fed her, got her to bed and when my partner got in at 8 pm I'd be off to the gym and did weights and cardio until 9:45 pm, home and then prepped my food for the next day. This may have to change a bit this year as Eden has decided 5:30 am is her 'wake up' time and therefore puts a stop to my fasted cardio sessions. I'll see how it goes :)

Training (last week)

Mon - Biceps and Triceps, 45 mins Stairmaster
Tues - Shoulders, 30 mins Stairmaster, 30 mins elliptical trainer
Wed - Quads and abs
Thu - Back, 45 mins Stairmaster
Fri - 1-hour bike (at home)
Sat - Hamstrings, Glutes and abs
Sun - 1-hour bike (at home)

Food and drink

Food and drink have been the same as last week but this week I had a cheat meal on Saturday night. I had three pieces of pizza and I felt so sick afterwards! My body's not used to the salt so I won't be doing that again for a long while!

Not sure I see much change in my progress pictures between this week and last, but hopefully there will be a difference next week after more cardio and a diet change up.

Have a good week! xox


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