Circuit training at home

August 11, 2015

Exercise in the garden with my toddler

On Sunday I couldn't get to the gym as I had to be at a family bbq, so I decided to do circuits in the garden.

I did 3 short HIT circuits focussing on different body areas - 1 hour

Remember to warm up. Do each circuit 3-4 times with a min rest between each circuit...

1. Chest focussed

Lying chest flyes x 20


Press ups (do them on your knees if you can't do them on your toes) x 20


Jumping squats x 20


Sprints (as many as you can)


Rest for a minute and repeat

2. Abs focussed

Crunches x 20


Pike roll out x 25


Plank (or use fit ball, see alternative pic below) x 30 seconds or 20 roll outs on the fit ball


Jumping lunges x 20


Skipping (for as long and as fast as you can)


Rest for a minute and repeat

3. Legs focussed (if you want to you can add high energy exercises in, e.g. Jump burpees, jog on the spot with high knees)

Squat, abductors x 20 (my little girl demonstrates below :))


Squat, glute kick backs x 20


Repeat on other leg

Rest and repeat

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