Fitness show - 2 weeks out

September 16, 2015

2 weeks out of competition

...And the countdown begins!

Prepping for a show is an emotional rollercoaster! One minute I'm happy with the way I'm looking, the next I'm panicking and wishing I had more time. I dream every night that I'm fat when I go on stage and everyone laughs, or that I've forgotten to get my tan done and have to go on stage pale, or I'm making the biggest juiciest sausage sandwich on white bread and then I wake up in a cold sweat thinking I've eaten it! lol! I'm tired and I'm craving sugar, but I keep telling myself it's worth it. Win or lose I'll hopefully be happy with what I bring to the I press on :)

Last week I was ill for 2 days, I caught a tummy bug that's been going around my family and it completely put me out of training and diet, thankfully I'm back to myself and back on track. 

Also this week, I started exfoliating in preparation for my tan, booked my hair and nails appointments and very importantly MY BIKINI ARRIVED and I love it! It was made by Fitness dolls and I definitely recommend them. 


I'm doing more fasted cardio as well as weights and fat burning cardio in the evenings. If I run out of time I'll do a HITT session on the Stairmaster or X trainer. With my weight training, I've dropped the weight but increased the reps, reduced the rest between sets and superset/triset everything.

Food and drink

I'm carb cycling a the moment, which seems to work for me. My addiction to coffee is growing, trying to drink as much green tea as I can and guzzling the water as usual :)

Have a good week. xox


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