Fitness show day!

October 20, 2015

Fitness competition day - Pre Elite

Two days before show day final preparations for show day begins.


Shaving - This needs to happen 24 hours before you get tanned, if you wax you need to do so 48 hours before tan day.

Final training sesh - Slow, fat-burning cardio and overall weights session on my upper body.

Food shopping - Time to buy all the goodies I'm going to need for after my show! Also, dry white wine for the night before my show to help dehydrate me further and food for show day eve and show day.


Water depletion - From noon I stop drinking water, this is to dehydrate me so my skin tightens up.

Time to get tanned - Final shower before the show, exfoliate with an oil-free exfoliator and wash with an oil-free body wash. Remember not to moisturise or wear'll go green :)

Finish packing my bag - Please see Competition day prep post for what to put in it.

Food prep - It's important to eat on show day. It's very tempting to not eat as you want to look your slimmest on stage but you need to keep your muscles full so make sure you prepare lots of food.

Dinner time: 100gms Steak, 150 gms roasted sweet potato. A small glass of dry white wine.

Sunday: SHOW DAY!

6 am breakfast time - 3 poached eggs and 150 gms roasted sweet potato

I did my own hair and makeup and prefer to do have it 80% done before I go to the venue.

10 am registration and then eat again - 90s chicken, 150 gms sweet potato

11 am athletes meeting - This is where you all get together and get told what to do on stage, where to go, what to and not to do etc etc

I brought oat balls with me to snack on throughout the day. These are simply:

  • A small bowl of oats
  • Quite a bit of Stevia (sweetener)
  • Boiled water is added to the bowl in drops to bind the mixture.
  • Separated into small balls and cooked in the oven for 10 minutes.

I didn't go on stage until about 4 pm but from then it was non stop as I was in three categories...

Miss bikini fitness  Mmmm food!   

The result:

I placed in all three categories...

Bikini - 3rd
Mums that lift - 3rd
Fitness - 6th 



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