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Hey there!

I've recently reached a long term goal of mine, which was to compete in a Miss Bikini fitness show. I wish I'd documented it as I went but I must admit, it's been hard work!! I have a face paced full time job, a 1 year old and I'm training (pretty much) twice a day. So I thought I’d share an overview of my diet and training for anyone thinking about giving competing a go . Going forward I'm hoping to be a bit more organised and blog as I go rather than afterwards! :)

Below is an image of me during and after pregnancy. My show was in April...

Pregnancy to showSnippet from my personal blog...
January 2014 - “Firstly, a bit about me. I've been involved in the gym for most of my live, with a brother who's a professional boxer, my dad as his trainer and my mum is a Personal Training Tutor and Assessor how could I not be! I've always liked feeling fit and looking good and was looking for a competition to take me to the next level. I needed an aim to motivate me to train harder and eat better so arrived at competing! I started weight training for competition in Jan 2012 but in April I found I was pregnant! I exercised (as much as I could without overdoing it) throughout my pregnancy and Eden was born on Jan 4th 2013, as soon as the doctor gave me the go ahead I started building back up again and prepping for my first show.

I’ve decided to do the Miami Pro competition and it’s happening in April 2014 so I started hitting the weights hard in August. Eating clean but lots of it and training heavy in order to bulk up. Over Christmas, like most people, I over indulged and drank too much alcohol, now three months out from competition I'm back to a super clean diet, eating 6 times a day, upping the protein intake and lowering the carbs gradually.”

Starting to diet (3 months out):
Meal 1 - Protein shake & 50 gms oats
Meal 2 - Small can tuna, veg and rice
Meal 3 - 150 gms chicken and mixed salad (or green veg)
Meal 4 - 150 gms chicken and mixed salad (or green veg)
Meal 5 - 3 whole egg omelette with kale, onions and tomatoes (or 150gms Steak, Turkey or White fish)
Meal 6 - After training shake (protein glutamine, carbs)
Before bed - 20 gms cashew nuts

(200gms dry weight rice over meals 2,3,4)

2-3 litres of water a day, plus a multivitamin a day also.

As I got closer to competition my coach gradually cuts my carb intake, I was never hungry just craving sugar so on days when I was struggling I would have no-sugar jelly.

I personally like to train with weights for 5 days and then have a rest day. Cardio 6 times a week but when I’m about 4-8 weeks out I up the cardio to every day depending on how much body fat I have. For my second show I upped my cardio further to twice a day.

Training split:
Day 1 - Legs, glutes and chest
Day 2 - Shoulders and abs
Day 3 - Arms
Day 4 - Legs and glutes
Day 5 - Back and abs
Day 6 - Rest

Competition day came, I was very nervous but loved every minute of it (as long as the day was!) and I came 3rd! I loved the feeling of being on stage and showing off my hard work and I couldn’t wait to get back on I did a month later :)

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