Meet the founder

Hayley Smyth

Hayley is a user experience/web designer with a passion for health and fitness.

Hayley found that even though she was working hard in the gym (for her first fitness show) she still had body insecurities post pregnancy, she wanted activewear that she could feel confident in whether at the gym or in her every day busy life (running around after a toddler) and believed other women would be feeling the same. So she started to develop Fit Boutique in her spare time (to create the perfect fit/look) whilst she carried on working in full time, senior roles in the corporate retail world and went on to have a second child.

In 2021, life changed with the Covid 19 pandemic which led Hayley to re-evaluate life, for the first time she could do the simple things like the school run, working from home gave Hayley a much better work life balance and she was spending more quality time with her family so she decided now was the time to leave the corporate world and focus on what’s important, her family, herself and help making other people feel fabulous.

"We're always looking at ways we can do better. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them " - Hayley xox

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Hayley's family photosI’m very lucky to have two daughters, a loving partner and a gorgeous little dog called Polly. It’s important for me to spend as much quality time with them as possible and also to teach my girls to grow up with the confidence and ambition to do and be who they want to be. They're my main reason for keeping fit and healthy.

I’m also from a big family, I have 3 sisters, a brother, 9 nieces and nephews and very supportive parents, which my love of fitness stems from.



Ambition and success photos

My ultimate ambition is to create a career for myself that includes doing what I love in order to improve the lives of others and create freedom and security for myself and my family, achieving this would mean success for me. ‘Work to live (to the fullest)’ don’t ‘live to work’ is the motto I live by.

I also like to set myself short term goals so I can feel a regular sense of achievement. 


Well being

Well being photos

Definition: The experience of health, happiness, and prosperity. Having good mental and physical health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning/purpose, and ability to manage stress.

It’s so important to look after your well being, so from eating well, daily exercise and bedtime reading to weekly pamper sessions and monthly date nights, do what makes you happy!



Creativity photos

I love being able to turn new and imaginative ideas into reality, which is why, I guess, that I became a designer. I love inventing new designs and ways to improve on what already exists...which is why Fit Boutique was born :)

 If there’s a particular product you’d like us to sell or a way we can improve please get in touch - Hayley xox


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