Who says competition prep has to be bland and boring?!

July 21, 2015

Food prep

Author: Claire Boyle

Today i day I wanted to talk about food! My favourite topic…… Every day people ask me about what I eat and if I find it hard eating the way I do, to which I reply…. no!

I love nothing more than to know that I am fueling my body with everything it needs to give me optimal strength & energy throughout the day. I think part of it as well is that I love to cook & experiment with flavours & combinations. Just because I’m not eating sugar and other such things doesn’t meen my food has to be boring!! There are hundreds of different spices that you can use to really enhance the flavour of the foods you eat.

For example below we have:

Turkey stir fry made with ginger, coriander, coconut oil, Chilli & garlic.

Turkey dish

Chicken fajita (my special homemade spice blend) no additives or sugar and guacamole

Healthy food

Fresh mackerel & wild rice salad, (this is 5 out of my seven meals a day).

Food preparation

I always try  to vary my foods so not to get bored of eating the same thing,  meals 1 and 7 I always like to eat from a real plate! Such a luxury! I do count my macros, I don’t count things like courgette/spinach/tomatoes and I don’t stress if I go over by a few grams here or there!!

I hope this gives you all a little in-site to my daily prep, and keep your eyes peeled for some of my yummy recipes to keep you enjoying your food prep day in and out.

Bye for now

Claire xx

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